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3037Elon Jessup

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  • Billy
    May 26, 2011
      OK, so I got the frames built and have managed to gather up some wood. White oak and sassafrass is what I'm going to use. I still need wood for the stem and transom.
      Can I laminate the stem? If I do could it be of slightly smaller dimensions? I am having a really hard time getting 12/4 wo locally. If I do laminate, which way should the grain of the laminations run? If I don't laminate, which way should the grain run?
      I've been roughing out the different parts of the boat, breasthooks and q-knees, seat risers, thwarts(sass) and the sternsheets(sass) and various other pieces. All of my lumber that I bought is rough so I've had to do a lot of planing and dressing.
      yes, I got the lofting all worked out. It cost me a little money but I finally decided that I didn't want to worry about it anymore and had someone else do it for me. I just wanted this to turn out well.
      I know, I know, it's easy they say, but.... I know I should really learn how to do it myself and I will, just not right now.:) I hope I haven't disappointed anyone. ;) I had Douglas Brooks of www.brooksboatbuilding do it for me and he did a very good job of it too. He's very knowledgable about lofting and building but I'll leave it at that.
      The rest of the boat will be all on me.