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  • Billy
    May 1 4:54 AM
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      OK, there is one thing that does sort of jump out at me when I look at EJ, the frames. I don't like (but don't hate either) the way the frames are perpendicular to the sides rather than perpendicular to the centerline of the hull. Can this be changed? Could I bevel the frames to orient them perpendicular to the centerline? I know, I haven't even gotten past the lofting yet and am wanting to change something but just had to ask. My previous post made me think of that. Are there any structural issues to consider with this proposed change? I'm not even saying I will do it, only wondering if I could should I choose to.

      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, "Billy" <billybronaugh@...> wrote:
      > First off, I really like how he drew the sheerline, and, I love the great flare up front in the topsides combined with the narrow bottom forward and I'll bet that it'll be a husky looking skiff when finished. I like the sternsheets too, looks classy. Good size and decent speed potential. I don't like the sheerline on Punch plus it doesn't have that nice, flare up front. Sprite was a close second but I was afraid it wouldn't fit the bill ( and his family ;) ). I love to take my dog with me on the water too, so wanted a little extra room. Other, intangable things too. You know how a boat just reaches out and grabs you. Thats the reason for so many different designs I guess. I just think it's a real nice looking skiff overall. I can't really find anything about it that I don't like. Oh you know if I had the room and money it would have been Haven all the way. Might take me the remainder of my life but man, thats a great design, love that boat.
      > Thanks for the encouragement and offer of help, I'm sure I'll need it at some point.
      > --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, "John Kohnen" <jkohnen@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Good man! :o) I think you'll find that lofting the boat will teach you
      > > something about how will go together, and the full size drawing will
      > > easily supply you with the shapes and bevels of various parts of the boat.
      > > If you have any questions feel free to ask me, either here or privately.
      > >
      > > Just out of curiosity, what attracted you to Elon Jessup more than the
      > > other Atkin outboard skiffs?
      > >
      > > On Sat, 30 Apr 2011 15:55:35 -0700, Billy wrote:
      > >
      > > > Thanks John K. I will build this boat. The more I look at it the more I
      > > > likes it. You're right, I just need to slow down a bit. I have built
      > > > several boats before but there was no lofting involved.
      > >
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      > > John (jkohnen@)
      > > Nobody ought to wear a Greek fisherman's hat unless they meet
      > > two conditions: 1. He is a Greek; 2. He is a Fisherman (Roy
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