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298Re: [AtkinBoats] Re: Displacement tunnel-stern seabright skiff

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  • jkohnen@boat-links.com
    Sep 2, 2004
      How shallow a draft do you need? I know, the shallower the better, but would
      2' do? Take a look at Little Silver:


      Don't let the flat bottom put you off, Wader should be quite capable in the
      type of water you like to cruise in, and her draft is only 1' 5":


      For really low power a sailboat hullworks pretty good. Take a look at some
      of the shallow-hulled centerboard sailboats in the catalog, with an eye
      towards ditching the rig and adding a motorboat style cabin and cockpit
      (sorry Pat <g>). You might look at Twilight and Great Bear:



      You're not crazy, going slow and easy is nice. Try to make your engine as
      unobtrusive as possible with vibration damping, sound insulation and good
      muffling of the exhaust. Quiet is a Good Thing in a boat. It's possible to
      put up with a noisy, vibratory engine in a fast boat because you get where
      you're going quick and can shut it off soon, but noise and vibration are a
      pain in the neck in a slow boat where you're trying to enjoy the journey...

      On Thu, 02 Sep 2004 16:00:21 -0000, Ron wrote:
      > This may sound crazy, but I plan a single-cylinder Diesel of 6.6 to
      > perhaps 8 hp cruising at about 3/4 max power. The background is that
      > we have done 3 month-long cruises (plus some shorter trips) in our
      > Balboa 8.2 sailboat and had a wonderful time
      > ...
      > I'd like something about the same speed, economy,
      > seaworthiness, and accommodations, but with significantly better
      > weather protection and lower clearance to poke up interesting
      > gunkholes above bridges. We need shallower draft (tunnel stern) to
      > explore shallower, less visited sounds and creeks. I'd like to ditch
      > much of the 2300# ballast and rigging and regain seaworthiness by
      > adding length and perhaps narrowing the beam. The boat has to be
      > trailerable because we're based in Colorado. "River Belle" is close,
      > but somewhat bigger and much faster and more powerful than I have in
      > mind. I'd prefer plywood construction and a more traditional
      > sheerline. I'm open to suggestions for boats or modification of my
      > wishes.

      John <jkohnen@...>
      What is more pleasant than a friendly little yacht, a long stretch of
      smooth water, a gentle breeze, the stars? <Billy Atkin>
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