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  • sailboat_41
    Mar 12, 2011
      Good day one and all;

      I am new here (though I have been reading the posts on and off for a long time. I've recently re-discovered the beauty of Atkin's sailboats and know that I will be building one.... which one I am not sure!

      I am looking at the Gaff cutters in the 25-32' range. I love "Fore an' Aft" and the like. I just came across photos on the website of "Gay Head". Are the plans not for sale because they don't exist, or maybe they were for a private sale? It's another lovely ship with lines and sail plan that I would consider.

      The "Ben Bow" is a refinement of "Fore an' Aft" if I undestand the webpage. Do people think she is a better ship?

      Thoughts on "Tallyy Ho"?

      or of course any thoughts in general. I will be sailing 90% the Great Lakes from day sailing to weekend, and several week holiday sails.

      thanks for the great group here!
      Kingston, ON
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