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2858The Adhesive Quest

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  • wmeparker
    Jan 26, 2011
      Hello Fellow Atkinites,
      I am about to glue up a new foremast for my boat, so went out looking for resorcinol glue, which is the recommended adhesive for bird's mouth mast building. Alas, all of my usual sources dried-up, including Jamestown Distributors. I recently made contact after many years with a friend and former co-worker (on Facebook) who works for a company in New York, CP Adhesives. Turns out they currently have stock in resorcinol glue from Hexion (in gallons, lowest working temperature 70 degrees) but will be getting new stock by Aerodux (lowest working temperature 50 degrees) around March 1st. I have heard much good about Aerodux in boatbuilding circles.

      Just thought others of you may be looking for resorcinol glue, so am passing this along.


      Bill Parker
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