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  • John Campbell
    Oct 6, 2010
      I have been building boat models for 52 years and have, on more than one occasion, used them to initiate construction on the full scale craft of the same model and suggest that you build the model at 1/4 scale (3"=1'0") assuming you might want to install radio control equipment in it and have the means to transport it to the lake ....the reasons are as follows:
      1. at 1/4 scale, you can easily build the model using the same basic construction techniques as the full size craft
      2. at 1/4 scale, potential building problems will likely show up more readily than at a much smaller scale.
      3. if the model is to be radio controlled, wave action is much less of a problem at 1/4 scale than something much smaller and the boat  will perform better
      4. building at 1/4 scale is a much more enjoyable experience all around .....and the difference in material cost is well worth it
      In any case, if 1/4 scale presents a problem  from a transportation standpoint, I would suggest the next smaller scale that will allow you to handle the model from shop to shore.   At 1/4 scale,  Gretchen would be 54" and Economy Jane would be 63" ......I am currently building a 63" radio controlled live steam (2-cylinder marine Saito) model of  Weston Farmer's 25-foot "Diana" fantail launch (2.5"=1'0") and she will ride happily in my Subaru Outback.
      That's my two cents!
      John Campbell
      6300 Campbell Hill Road
      Belton, Texas 76513
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