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2802Re: [AtkinBoats] A retirement goal

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  • wmeparker@cinci.rr.com
    Sep 14 7:25 AM
      Hi All,
      The amateur builder of my Florence Oakland took 5 years to build her, before and after retirement. One significant difference might be that he did traditional rigging, and made all the blocks and deadeyes himself, including rope strops and other marlinspike work. If you buy fittings, you could probably get it done in the five years even on a bigger boat. The real time consumption is in interior joinerwork.

      ---- pringni_konta@... wrote:
      > Greetings. I am new to the group, having drooled over the Island Princess for more years than a care to admit. A few questions for the group: can this boat feasibly be built by an amateur (I've built several houses, but never a boat), and if so, is a five year plan reasonable? It is not one that is astericked for plywood construction, but the hard chine makes it look like it could be. Is it? And finally, how much space do I need. I am looking at a 40x24 building, 12 ' high. I guess a related question; anyone have one for sale? Thanks.
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