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2793Re: [AtkinBoats] boat choice

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  • John Kohnen
    Aug 25 11:30 PM
      Is the propeller part of a kit you're building the engine from? If you
      don't already have the propeller, you may not need to use a 15" one, and
      even if you've got one you might be able to use it as trading stiock.
      Steam engines like big, slow propellers, but the right propeller for the
      job depends not only on the engine, but also the boat and the speed you
      want to go. 15" x 22" might be just right for the typical heavy
      displacement launch people usually put steam engines into, but it might
      not be best for a lighter boat like Seven Days, so you might be able to
      use a smaller propeller to advantage -- and shallower draft.

      As someone mentioned, Dave Gerr wrote a whole book on propeller selection:


      What steam engine are you building, Mark?

      On Tue, 24 Aug 2010 07:44:59 -0700, mark wrote:

      > I'm in the process of building a steam engine which should produce 3 hp
      > at 500 rpms which will need a 15 inch by 22 pitch propeller.
      > ...

      John (jkohnen@...)
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