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  • John Kohnen
    Aug 5 12:49 PM
      Unless very shallow draft is important, Rescue Minor isn't a good choice
      for electric power. The "fuel" for an electric motor is very heavy and
      bulky. If you put a powerful enough electric motor in Rescue Minor to give
      her the performance Wm. Atkin designed he for you could only put enough
      batteries in her to have a very, very short range; any more and she'd get
      too heavy to perform well. The most sensible thing to do would be to put a
      small electric motor in Rescue Minor and run her as a displacement speed
      boat. Weight isn't so important in that speed range, and the small motor
      won't need as many batteries for good range anyway. But Rescue Minor's
      hull isn't particularly efficient at displacement speeds, and electric
      motors work most efficiently with large propellers, and Rescue Minor
      doesn't have room for a big wheel. You could do an electric Rescue Minor,
      but I don't think you'd be very happy with it.

      Better choices for electric power would be some of the Atkin boats
      designed to get along with little power. The ones intended to use
      relatively slow turning engines like the Universal Fisherman should be
      able to accommodate a big enough propeller for efficiency. If you pay
      attention to weight you might end up with an electric boat that'll outrun
      the typical heavy displacement electric boats, yet still have good range.
      The Fisherman with reverse gear weighs almost 300 lb., so replacing that
      lump of iron with a much lighter electric motor gives you weight allowance
      for a good start on a battery bank before you start adding extra weight to
      the boat. Here are a few boats I think have promise:





      On Sun, 01 Aug 2010 19:03:26 -0700, Shawn R wrote:

      > Hello! I'm a newbie just getting to know Atkin boats. I'm attracted
      > to the rescue minor design and wonder if anyone knows if it was ever
      > done with electric power.

      John (jkohnen@...)
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