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2756UnlikelyBoatBuilder: Celestial Fun

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  • John Almberg
    Jul 7 3:49 PM
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      I like celestial navigation.

      Why, in this GPS age, would I enjoy anything so unlikely? Why would I want to laboriously calculate my position on planet Earth by looking at real stars, when the artificial stars of the GPS system are happy to do all the sights and calculations for me?

      It's not because I think the GPS system is 'unreliable', or I fear the bad guys will shoot the satellites out of the sky. In fact, I figure the odds are pretty darn slim that I'm going to need my GPS just as WW III starts.

      And it's not because my simple Garmin 72 GPS needs a backup. Frankly, the best backup for a GPS is... another GPS.

      No, the reason I like celestial navigation is the best one of all: F.U.N.

      If you've always wanted to learn a bit about steering by the stars, follow along!

      Read complete blog post:


      Clear skies: John

      PS: I think there's probably lots of sailors who would like to learn a bit of celestial navigation. If you know someone who might enjoy this, please let them know!