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272Re: [AtkinBoats] Atkin Teach

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  • jkohnen@boat-links.com
    Aug 3, 2004
      Jeff Stobbe, whose Bamaling was our cover girl for a while, built a Teach,
      but he stretched her to 17' and installed a 220 lb. Universal Fisherman
      inboard engine, so his experience may not be typical:

      "I don't think that teach is a very good sailboat. Even with the lead
      ballast the boat is just a little tender. It's waterline beam is 3' 8" very
      canoe like. I lengthened the boat to 17' and mainly use it under power. I
      put a 5hp Universal Fisherman engine in it from the 40's. So the boat is
      mainly a showcase for the engine. I do have a sailing rig on it and as I
      said it is a bit tender even with about 500Lb of lead.... The Fisherman is a
      very heavy engine for a single cylinder,... To a small extent it
      destabilized the boat.... Another drawback is the tiller has to
      sweep outside the boat for a sharp turn, a bit awkward.... I usually us it
      for fishing on Monterey Bay an so far the afternoon breeze here is to strong
      for it."

      I think Teach is a beautiful little boat, and I'd love to have one. But I'd
      expect that she'd not stand up well to a brisk breeze and wouldn't have a
      very high top speed (though she'd probably reach it easily). Many of the
      Atkin boats were designed for summer on Long Island Sound, where the wind is
      usually light, so a reduction in sail area may be appropriate if they're
      going to be used where it's usually windier -- though my thinking is that a
      big rig with easy reefing is the best way to go unless the breeze _never_
      gets light. Teach is also a pretty small boat for a 15-footer, thanks to
      that sharp stern. A Scandinavian style push-pull tiller (see Valgerda) is
      one way to deal with a narrow stern and outboard rudder. Jeff cold-molded
      the bottom so his Teach could live on a trailer. Strip planking it would be
      another option. Oh, and don't put a great big inboard engine in yours! <g>

      Teach was just shown as an example of an Atkin boat in a Wooden Boat article
      about William and John. The author said something like that she was sort of
      a poor man's Herreshoff 12 1/2.

      On Sat, 31 Jul 2004 19:22:56 -0000, Yukon wrote:
      > Has anyone here built this little double ender sailboat? I sure
      > like the way it looks and I have access to a bunch of wood. Im
      > considering ordering the plans for it but would like to see some
      > more pictures or talk to someone who built it. I heard about an
      > article in wooden boat about it but Im in a remote area of Thailand
      > and am very privlaged to have computer acess and so far I havent
      > found it on the internet. any ideas are welcomed. yukon.

      John <jkohnen@...>
      One must have a heart of stone to read the death of Little Nell by
      Dickens without laughing. <Oscar Wilde>
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