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2664UnlikelyBoatBuilder: Swedish Furled Foam

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  • John Almberg
    Mar 9, 2010
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      Cabin Boy's build is now proceeding smoothly... I'm perfecting my planking technique, but nothing to exciting to report, so I thought I'd take a bit of a diversion...

      While finishing up Cabin Boy, I'm also preparing for my 2000 mile voyage on the Blue Moon.

      One piece of Blue Moon equipment that desperately needed replacement was the bunk cushion. The old one was grungy, damp, and well past it's due date. I chucked it onto the garbage pile while I was down in Florida, and thought I'd just buy a replacement.

      That was until I got a quote for $450! No way I was going to plunk down a King's ransom for a bit of foam. Surely I could make one myself for less? And -- more importantly -- learn a valuable new skill...

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      Enjoy: John

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