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2599UnlikelyBoatBuilder: Stem Invention

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  • John Almberg
    Dec 31, 2009
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      It's amazing what a difference a deadline makes. I've been puzzling over a build problem for several weeks now, without success. None of my boat building books has a solution. Even Clem Kuhlig's "Building the Skiff Cabin Boy" just skips over the problem.

      Here's the problem: The backbone of the skiff consists of the stem in the front, the keelson along the bottom, and the transom in the back. The stem has to go from about where my hand is in the picture below, down to the leading edge of the ladder frame. What makes this complicated is that the angle and position of the stem is very important, and I knew I'd have to fool around with it a bit to get it right.

      So how could I hold the stem in place in a way that was easily adjustable, but also very strong?

      Read complete blog post: Stem Invention

      Enjoy: John