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2585Re: Capacity vs number of persons

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  • haffdaddy
    Dec 17, 2009
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      There seems to be a problem with capacity in most small boat designs. Some designs list one, two, four persons. But that's only if each person is 100 lbs. Years ago I had a 4 person yellow raft. It held me up but my legs were in the water. So mite it have said 4 Chinese person rafts? Or one Dutchman's body but wet legs?

      I would love to build a small boat that would be easy to carry and fit inside my pals van. The Bolger Tortoise would be nice but its capacity seems to be 300 lbs. While a Bolger Ruben Nymph is 330 lbs. (a lot of work for an extra 30 lbs).

      Little things that need to be remembered