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  • Greg Haff
    Dec 13, 2009
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      MasterCam (standard and light) have a scaleing. So would AutoCad. Most computer drawing program would have that as part of it's program. The hard part is getting the program to open your file format. But I would use a program for boat designing for all the extra questions that would come up.
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      On Dec 12, 2009, at 2:35 PM, "Alan Boman" <alan@...> wrote:


      The freeware hull modelling software “FreeShip” (now called Delftship) has a scaling function. 


      You can enter your Offsets Table to produce a “wireframe” view of your hull and then scale it up or down to suit your purposes.  The software will then give you a new Offsets Table and stats such as displacement, wetted area, drag etc etc. 


      I haven’t tried it except to note that the function exists in the program, but it might be fun to explore. It might give you some idea of whether it’s a proposition anyway …… (Bit of a learning curve to use FreeShip however L)





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      Is there anybody here that knows about or has any experience with scaling up? At this point I see Russell R as an almost perfect boat but would like one bigger. I've gone through all the posts (reading only a few of course) and it seems that I recall somebody that has scaled up a design (Little Effort I think). A scale up factor of 1.25 gives a 7' X 27' Russell R that would mate fairly well with my 60hp outboard. Looking for facts and opinions.

      Eric Henning

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