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2545Re: Time to build a bigger boat like Fore and Aft?

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  • JohnA
    Nov 30 9:03 PM
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      > Hello, I am restoring the 2nd Fore an Aft, Scarlet Queen, then Pilgrim, pictures are on the Atkin site, I can tell you in a nutshell that the timbers are all mega sized, when designed she had scantlings like the Norwegian rescue saliboats. I totally recomend building one, however if you want to save some time, Bruce Elfstrom has the masts and rigging for Ben Bow, sister to F&A, and the keel may still be available as well in CT, the mast alone is like a telephone pole, Bruce started Wooden boat rescue foundation
      > John Frodigh

      Hi John,

      I'm familiar with the photos, of course. Beautiful boat in her day.

      Don't encourage me, please! The more sensible members of this list have been trying to talk me down from Fore and Aft, to something simpler. And they are probably correct... Maybe "Little Maid of Kent" :-)

      Seriously, I'm focused on finishing Cabin Boy and this week in Florida (away from the shop) has allowed me to re-read "Building Small Boats". It's amazing how much I missed the first time through!

      -- John
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