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2542Re: Time to build a bigger boat like Fore and Aft?

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  • JohnA
    Nov 28, 2009
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      > It would seem to me that Fore An' Aft would be a giant step from your current project as a second boat. Size, cost, methods, all at once. That's the deep end of the pool for sure. Not knowing your criteria for a larger boat, I wonder if you might consider something like, for instance "Red Onion (flat bottom centerboard type) of it's sister Wild Oats (V-bottom centerboard type) as an intermediate step. There are many others in the Atkin catalog... I guess I always wonder, when considering a project; "Where am I going to build it?". Fore An' Aft is a very large boat. Perhaps as a sort of benchmark, look at the thread on the WBF, Building Peterson's "Susan" by RobB. He's up to post #10 now I think. Goes back several years and is very informative.


      Building "Cabin Boy" has taught me three things, so far:

      1. building even a simple boat is very time consuming,
      2. but it's not as hard as it looks, at first,
      3. and it is extremely interesting and a lot of fun

      I'm looking for something I can build in a year or so, with help from my very handy, athletic, and energetic wife. I had been thinking "Little Bear", but having recently read LF Herreshoff's story of building H28 in a winter, I started wondering if my absolute dream boat, "Fore And Aft", was doable in 2 winters?

      I'm guessing it probably is... just.

      Anyway, this is all dreaming, obviously. Still need to finish my first love, "Cabin Boy" :-)

      Will check out the thread you mentioned on WBF.

      Thanks: John
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