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2482Re: [AtkinBoats] Re: Building a 'Cabin Boy'

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  • John Kohnen
    Oct 16, 2009
    THE easy way to "erect" a perpendicular station line is with a compass.
    Make a simple beam compass out of a piece of 1-by about a yard long by
    driving a small nail through one end and then drilling two holes to fit a
    pencil or pen snuggly, one hole about 18" from the nail, and the other
    about 36" from it (measurements not critical at all). For best accuracy
    you should use a mechanical pencil or a ballpoint pen, so the writing part
    will be centered in the holes in the beam.

    Mark the horizontal position of the station on the baseline. Put the
    pencil in the hole closest to the nail and strike an arc from the station
    point through the baseline on each side of the station. Move the pencil to
    the farther hole and strike an arc from the intersection of each of the
    first arcs with the baseline, above the station point. A line drawn
    through the intersection of the arcs and the position point on the
    baseline will be perfectly perpendicular to the baseline. Additional
    station lines can be erected by measuring from both ends of the original,
    but be careful to keep the rule parallel to the baseline.

    See the attachment.

    On Mon, 12 Oct 2009 08:08:51 -0700, John A wrote:

    > In the latest installment of my blog, my first attempt at lofting is a
    > total failure...
    > http://www.unlikelyboatbuilder.com/2009/10/i-discover-use-for-trigonometry.html

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