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2446Re: [AtkinBoats] Breasthooks? Kneebraces?

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  • John Campbell
    Sep 14, 2009
      Quarter knees is correct......some people make them out of natural crooks from oak or apple limbs that have grown in a shape so as to allow them to be cut from the crooks.  I make them up in laminated fashion using 1/8" thick layers of Honduran mahogany on a home-made form that will give me the approximate shape I need and then trace them out using a paper pattern to fit between the transom and sides of the boat.  Laminated 1/4 knees are VERY strong.....do not use white oak in your lamination IF you use epoxy for the glue......white oak is notorious for bond failure when glued to itself.    Douglas fir works very well for light canoes and similiar craft.
      John Campbell
      Belton, Texas
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      Sent: Saturday, September 12, 2009 2:58 PM
      Subject: [AtkinBoats] Breasthooks? Kneebraces?


      I'm building an 8ft rowing dinghy (sort of Jaques Mertens' D4, but
      modified), and I'm about to add braces between the sides and the stern
      transom. You know, those small triangular things. I've been referring to
      them as "breasthooks" , but I see technically those are on the bow.
      They're not "kneebraces" because those are vertical braces for the transom.

      So, what DO you call them?

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