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  • roninpnw
    Jun 30, 2004

      Those are very nice little boats. I especially love the sweeping
      shear on Handy Andy, it'd look great bobbing behind Ronin (I wonder
      if she'd need to have the mast moved to fit a spritsail... I'd like
      to store shorter spars). One of my main concerns in any tender would
      be that it's beachable. And I don't mean velvety sand, I mean
      wherever I may end up (in Puget Sound for now, which is varied and
      nasty enough). I fear canvas would take a licking... I have a bit of
      trepidation changing building plans, since I'm rather new at this.
      One thought I had, simply with a flat-bottom boat, which I've seen
      done quite regularly, is to encase the floor and chines in
      fiberglass. Now that I think about it, that would be feasible with a
      canvas boat, but would lose that canvas texture up close. And it's
      blasphemous, I know, but what am I to do?

      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, jkohnen@b... wrote:
      > One of our local messabouters built a Jordan baby tender a while
      back, it
      > turned out real nice:
      > Unfortunately, you've got to join the group to see the pictures,
      but you can
      > quit right afterwards, if you don't find our doings interesting...
      > My Footloose suits me very well at this stage of my life. She's
      > comfortable, shallow draft, easy to rig and launch, good looking
      and good
      > sailing (except in light airs, and of course she doesn't keep up
      with the
      > high-strung modern boats to windward). Being a fat flat-bottomed
      skiff, she
      > can be uncomfortable in a chop, especially motorboat wakes when the
      > is light. A week ago on the Columbia near Vancouver I got caught in
      > _vicious_ motorboat wakes that actually gave me a scare! There are
      some real
      > pigs of motorboats out there, aren't there? Too bad everybody
      doesn't drive
      > an Atkin boat! <g> The tugs and their tows and the ships weren't
      bad, it was
      > the motorboats that made the steep, short wakes. :o( But in general
      > Footloose is pretty seaworthy for a skiff. Warren Jordan designed
      the boat
      > for the lakes and bays at the Oregon coast, where it's usually
      windy, and it
      > takes a fair amount of breeze before she feels overpressed.
      > Handy Andy, or if you think you've got the space Vintage, are the
      > that would look best with your Eric. You could build the canvas-
      > Handy Andy lapstrake like Vintage, or do Vintage canvas-covered, if
      you felt
      > like it, using the building instructions for one for the other...
      > On Thu, 24 Jun 2004 20:25:21 -0000, Scott wrote:
      > > John,
      > >
      > > Yes, I'm building the Jordan "Baby Tender" (as in #1 in
      lapstrake, as
      > > opposed to #2). At the slow rate of progress, half of me wishes I
      > > were building a real-life boat, but it's a good amount of
      practice as
      > > well. At present I've got three strakes fastened, and the
      > > is August 1! (shh... it's a surprise)
      > >
      > > I assume you've got "footlose"? What do you think of her?
      > >
      > > I could go anywhere in Ronin, but I could never get ashore until I
      > > have a tender!!!
      > --
      > John <jkohnen@b...>
      > http://www.boat-links.com/
      > One must have a heart of stone to read the death of Little Nell
      > Dickens without laughing. <Oscar Wilde>
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