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2418RE: [AtkinBoats] Re: 22HP @ 3000 rpm gas engine

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  • Alan Boman
    Sep 1, 2009

      The disk & wheel style transmission you describe is used in many “ride-on” lawn mowers. You can visit www.troybilt.com for some more details.


      Also, Robb White who built an Atkin “Rescue Minor” describes a similar system he used with hinged engine mounts on a Kubota diesel engine, which seemed to work quite well.  He describes it in some detail at http://www.robbwhite.com/rescue.minor.machinery.html


      Hope that helps.





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      >> Please tell me where you are able

      to find
      >> cheap gearboxes for such small power

      > This is a problem. I thought I'd avoid it
      > altogether and use direct drive for fwd and
      > a pole or paddle for reverse.

      If I got fed up with the pole I might try a disk & wheel system in which a disk is mounted on vertical engine's output shaft. A wheel is mounted on the boat's propeller shaft with a lever to bring it up to the disk. The lever is arranged so it can bring the wheel up to the disk on either side of the disk's center thus giving fwd and reverse. I believe this system may be used in some larger ride-on mowers.

      I uploaded a sketch at

      The engine is a 26hp liquid cooled Kawasaki I found at

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