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2376Re: [AtkinBoats] New member. waffling on plans

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  • Bill Oakes
    Jul 17, 2009

      The weight of the Palmer is about 160 to 200 lb. We have had the boat out about 8 times so far, the first test in a small pond, the second in the Connecticut River and the other times, in the salt water of Casco
      Bay (Middle Bay) on the Maine Coast. Not in any rough sea yet and maybe never. Was stable, smooth riding, and good turning.

      The boat is narrow beamed for it's length I think, but still both my son-in-law and I stood on the gunwale and couldn't put it under. I guess it would be stable enough to be used alot for fishing although I don't think it was intended mostly for that. I think for just a utility skiff. And then again an inboard engine box midships cuts down on the available space for moving about that much.

      You've got some good choices for your next boat it seems.


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