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2372New member. waffling on plans

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  • Mario Korf
    Jul 16, 2009
      I'm a new member on this list, I thought I would introduce myself.

      I'm looking to build an economical low-powered outboard skiff, something like a panga, but lighter in weight and designed for less power and lower speeds. It would be primarily used for coastal fishing, diving, and camp-cruising in protected waters. I live in the SF Bay area, so Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz, Monterey, and possibly a trip to the channel islands if it's very calm. One day maybe I'd leave it at my friend's place in Baja for trips to Cerralvo (8+ miles).

      My garage is 20.5' long, and I'd like to build the biggest boat that'll fit. I can remove the 5hp Honda engine easily, and so I don't need room for that, just the boat and the tongue of the trailer has to fit in there.

      The Atkin designs that interest me most are Elon Jessup, Punch, Russel R, Seven Days and XLNC. As you can see, I'm leaning towards a flat-bottomed boat.

      Elon Jessup and Punch look about right, but I'd like to get a little more boat in my garage.
      Russel R is what I might build if I had a longer garage (and a bigger engine).
      Seven Days looks pretty close to what I want, but would need to be modified for an outboard.
      XLNC also would need to be modified for an outboard, and would it fit on a trailer in the garage with the engine removed?

      I have a little boat building experience and would adopt a plywood-fiberglass construction to this project. I'm inclined to order the plans and take the dimensions of the boat, build it in stitch-and-glue and glass the outside. I already have a lot of the materials (glass, epxoy, several sheets of meranti ply), and finishing a penguin dinghy has sort of turned me off of traditional boat building.

      I've also looked at several other desingers, but I keep coming back to the Atkins' boats.


      Mario Korf
      Redwood City, CA

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