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2348Re: [AtkinBoats] Plans- tunnel hulls

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  • boatnews@aol.com
    Jun 30, 2009
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      Hi Alan,

      Curious if you or anyone could tell me when the Nanuk III was designed
      during this timeline and if anyone has construction or operations experiences
      that they could share regarding the Nanuk III.


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      HI Tom,

      Rescue Minor and Shoals Runner are very similar as you suggest. Mr William
      used the same hull shape, in a number of different lengths, over many
      years. I am building a River Belle, which is the same shape again, but 36'
      long. I had no trouble lofting the Offsets Table into a set of workable
      plans, and the Plan/Profile drawings I received from Pat Atkin supplied the
      remainder of the details.

      I notice that the Shoals Runner has a slightly more complex shape in the
      after part of the chine, but otherwise seems very much the same as Rescue
      Minor. Given that Mr William continuously refined his Tunnel Stern designs
      over the years, the only significant difference may be that Shoals Runner
      from 1958 and Rescue Minor from 1944 and were any improvements made, then
      the later design would be the better choice.

      Just a thought.


      1944 - 1958

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      I was just at the Wooden boat show in Mystic and went to the Atkin's booth
      where I met Pat. She is a very nice lady.

      I thought I would be able to buy some plans there or at least look at a
      sample of what you are getting. Since I haven't done anything more than
      canoes I am kind of concerned about how much explanation is included.

      Pat said that you get four sheets. Now I went out and bought two of
      Motorboating'Motorboating'<WBR>s Ideal series books a couple of years ago.
      detail in the plans, more drawn stations or more detail for the stem and
      frame or is it basically a large version of the book article?

      I am trying to decide between Rescue Minor and Shoals Runner without buying
      two sets of plans. I am going to have to loft the plans whether I buy the
      plans or use the books. Right now I think my best option is to make two
      models to help me decide. Probably 2" to the foot.

      I will welcome any comments or input anyone may have thanks in advance.


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