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2346Re: [AtkinBoats] Plans

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  • Patrick Blanchard
    Jun 29, 2009
      Pat sent one sheet of the Dragon's gaff cutter sailplan and deck at my
      request, since my boat came with the original plans (even blue ink!) minus a
      sail plan. However, if you follow Chapelle's book it should help ease any
      attention to blueprint detail you think is missing.

      All the detail and more to rig my 1968 Eric. The Dragon and the Eric (and
      Thistle) share the same lines.

      Can you order study plans and decide from them? Also, you can take
      the blueprints and make your model of the same 3/4" = 1' scale. Your books
      should give enough detail for your decision before you order the full

      A while ago, Ted Brewer gave me a discount on 2 sets of blueprints. Full
      price for the first, and a discount on the second set.

      Best of luck,

      On 6/28/09, calfee20 <calfee20@...> wrote:
      > I was just at the Wooden boat show in Mystic and went to the Atkin's booth
      > where I met Pat. She is a very nice lady.
      > I thought I would be able to buy some plans there or at least look at a
      > sample of what you are getting. Since I haven't done anything more than
      > canoes I am kind of concerned about how much explanation is included.
      > Pat said that you get four sheets. Now I went out and bought two of
      > Motorboating's Ideal series books a couple of years ago. Is there more
      > detail in the plans, more drawn stations or more detail for the stem and
      > frame or is it basically a large version of the book article?
      > I am trying to decide between Rescue Minor and Shoals Runner without buying
      > two sets of plans. I am going to have to loft the plans whether I buy the
      > plans or use the books. Right now I think my best option is to make two
      > models to help me decide. Probably 2" to the foot.
      > I will welcome any comments or input anyone may have thanks in advance.
      > ....................................Tom C

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