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  • calfee20
    Jun 28, 2009
      I was just at the Wooden boat show in Mystic and went to the Atkin's booth where I met Pat. She is a very nice lady.

      I thought I would be able to buy some plans there or at least look at a sample of what you are getting. Since I haven't done anything more than canoes I am kind of concerned about how much explanation is included.

      Pat said that you get four sheets. Now I went out and bought two of Motorboating's Ideal series books a couple of years ago. Is there more detail in the plans, more drawn stations or more detail for the stem and frame or is it basically a large version of the book article?

      I am trying to decide between Rescue Minor and Shoals Runner without buying two sets of plans. I am going to have to loft the plans whether I buy the plans or use the books. Right now I think my best option is to make two models to help me decide. Probably 2" to the foot.

      I will welcome any comments or input anyone may have thanks in advance.

      ....................................Tom C
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