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2254Re: Gwen o' the River

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  • Steve
    Feb 8, 2009
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      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, "Jon & Wanda(Tink)" <windyjon@...>
      > The study plans that I have of Lady of the Lake off the net shows
      > frames but not real clearly and 1-1/4"x6" Cypress planking. The
      > differance in the two Ladies is small. Trailered boats need to be
      > stiffer and stronger then nontrailered to hold up the road. In a boat
      > this size with a understanding of ply on frame by some one with
      > practical expereince conversion would not be hard but must be
      > adequate to make the boat strong enough. Then again others would go
      > stich and glue hmmmmmm.
      > Jon
      Well, I am all for conversion to modern materils. They are lighter,
      stronger and make the build quicker and easier. True "traditionalists "
      will no doubt disagree with me, but I'm OK with that. The end result
      looks just like the original, but will most likely perform better and
      require less maintenance.

      FYI, the extended "Hope" in my photos has a 1/2" sheet ply bottom and
      two layers of 3/16" ply laid double diagonally on the topsides. The
      frames are 3" x 3/4", and the stringers are 1" x 3/4". There are also
      two floor height girders (1/2" ply)running nearly the full length of
      the boat.

      For "Lady of the Lake", I would suggest 2 x 1/2" ply for the bottom and
      single 1/2" topsides. This boat could easily be built upright..
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