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2199RE: [AtkinBoats] River Belle

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  • Alan Boman
    Dec 16, 2008
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      Hi Eugene.

      Stitch and Glue was the original intention, but now I have decided to use an
      ordinary chine log for the length of the vessel, and a small hog for the
      joint of the panels of the tunnel just above the propeller to the transom.
      There is a section where the negative deadrise turns through flat to
      positive, where I think there may be some "stitches" required but that's all
      at present. The whole hull will be epoxy filleted and fibre glassed, so the
      result should be pretty strong..

      I have changed Mr William's flat sided design above the chine to a curve to
      allow it to be clinker (Lapstrake) built with 12 mm plywood "planks" each
      about 200mm wide. This approach adds a fair bit of strength, does away with
      the need for most of the sawn frames or bulkheads and adds a bit of extra
      beam as a bonus without changing the underwater profile.

      This is about "Plan F or G" at least, and I dare say that there are many
      more changes of plan to come! And that's only this week.....



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      Hi Allan
      Looks like a good start' Would like to know more about your
      planking intentions. Stitch and glue?

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