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2179Re: [AtkinBoats] Re: Help me with some history on my boat!

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  • John Kohnen
    Nov 20, 2008
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      Although Eric was designed in the early 1920s she didn't appear in MoToR
      BoatinG until 1938. The big hurricane of that year destroyed Wm. Atkin's
      home, and he and the family had to swim for their lives! William had a
      contract to supply a design article every month for MoToR BoatinG, but
      with the hurricane and all he couldn't come up with a new design. So, he
      "dusted off" the Eric plans, which fortunately weren't kept at his house,
      and wrote an article to go with them. I think he did miss one month in the
      magazine anyway. IIRC (I've got a cat on my lap so I can't go to the
      bookshelf and check), the half model of Eric carved in the '20s floated
      away from the wreckage of the Atkin home and was returned to Wm. An
      inspiration, perhaps, for him to publish Eric as his first post-hurricane
      design article.

      On Wed, 19 Nov 2008 04:29:01 -0800, Felix G-J wrote:

      > Perhaps the best source for an account of William Atkin's inspiration
      > for Eric is to be found in his book "Of Yachts And Men".
      > Chapters 7 & 8 describe the origins of the idea of a double ender with
      > lines derived from a Colin Archer redningskoite as found in E. Keble
      > Chatterton's "Fore and Aft Craft". William Nutting, editor of Motor
      > Boat magazine, and his friend Arthur Hildebrand started the project
      > and made the first model. William Atkin then developed the plans and
      > Richard Chute of Long Island built the first three of the design,
      > named Faith, Hope and Charity. Faith was commisioned by Henry Bixby, a
      > member of the Cruising Club of America.
      > Atkin reported that 175 sets of the plans had been sold within three
      > years of their appearance in Motor Boat...."and many more have since
      > been sold".
      > ...

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