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2176Re: [AtkinBoats] Help me with some history on my boat!

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  • Aquiles Rösner
    Nov 14, 2008
      "Eric" 32' is a nice boat. I am building now the "Ingrid", a little
      bigger, then Eric, 37', but very similar lines. A remarcable boock
      about the double-ender is "Colin Archer and the seaworthy double-ender"
      from John Leather. He wrote that William Nutting visited Scandinavia in
      1915 and saw pointed-stern sailing craft, including Colin Archer
      designs. With his friend Arthur Hildebrand they study the lines of a 47'
      auxiliary lifeboat an make a copy reduced to 32 '. Nutting and
      Hildebrand aproached William Atkin in 1924 and that seems to be the
      birth of "Eric" with refined lines.
      If you want, I can make some reserches in Denmark.
      Aquiles Rösner

      Am Donnerstag, den 13.11.2008, 22:12 +0000 schrieb pcgaetani:
      > I am the proud owner of a boat which I believe is designed along the
      > same lines of the "Eric." I have been trying to get more information
      > on this boat for the past 5 years and have hit some brick walls.
      > Hopefully someone here might have a little tidbit or even be able to
      > point me in some sort of direction. I guess you can call this a shot
      > in the dark.
      > The story I have been told and other pieces of information I have
      > gathered is that she was built in Nakskov, Denmark in 1926 by a
      > Richard Rassmussen at the Nakskov Wooden Ship Yard. She is 32 feet
      > long, has a 9.5 foot beam, and 5.5 foot draft. Like "Eric" she was
      > originally rigged as a gaff rigged ketch. Having been worked on
      > extensively by a Danish shipwright, it is clear she was overly built
      > and to classic high end Danish standards with the best quality iron
      > spikes and rivets. Her lines however are almost identical to the Eric
      > and I am curious which boat came first given the age of my boat. Did
      > William Atkin ever make any tips to Denmark before drawing the designs
      > for "Eric?" Did he consult any particular Danes before completing his
      > lines?
      > I was hoping someone might have some documents/information or just
      > know some history pertaining to yachts built to "Eric's" design in
      > Denmark during the early 1920's.
      > Any information, contacts, old documents, etc you might have would be
      > a tremendous help for me. Thanks! (I also would be happy to email
      > pictures if people are really interested)
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