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2174Help me with some history on my boat!

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  • pcgaetani
    Nov 13 2:12 PM
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      I am the proud owner of a boat which I believe is designed along the
      same lines of the "Eric." I have been trying to get more information
      on this boat for the past 5 years and have hit some brick walls.
      Hopefully someone here might have a little tidbit or even be able to
      point me in some sort of direction. I guess you can call this a shot
      in the dark.

      The story I have been told and other pieces of information I have
      gathered is that she was built in Nakskov, Denmark in 1926 by a
      Richard Rassmussen at the Nakskov Wooden Ship Yard. She is 32 feet
      long, has a 9.5 foot beam, and 5.5 foot draft. Like "Eric" she was
      originally rigged as a gaff rigged ketch. Having been worked on
      extensively by a Danish shipwright, it is clear she was overly built
      and to classic high end Danish standards with the best quality iron
      spikes and rivets. Her lines however are almost identical to the Eric
      and I am curious which boat came first given the age of my boat. Did
      William Atkin ever make any tips to Denmark before drawing the designs
      for "Eric?" Did he consult any particular Danes before completing his

      I was hoping someone might have some documents/information or just
      know some history pertaining to yachts built to "Eric's" design in
      Denmark during the early 1920's.

      Any information, contacts, old documents, etc you might have would be
      a tremendous help for me. Thanks! (I also would be happy to email
      pictures if people are really interested)
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