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2167Re:Woodenboat design challange

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  • F. Neil Simms
    Oct 23, 2008
      I had the same thought when I read about this in WB. This wheel's
      already been invented ;).

      Still, a good thing for them to pursue. Hopefully the days of the gas
      guzzling speed-at-all cost boats are numbered... (though you'd never
      know it from reading Soundings)

      I for one regret getting cajoled by my wife into buying a plastic 20
      foot CC runabout (150hp Yami) a few years back, that while it's not the
      worst in efficiency at 5-6 mpg @28 mph cruise, it still irks me burning
      even that much fuel while tooling around (40 years of sailing warps a
      guy, I concede). At this point I wish I'd sunk the money that went into
      it into a Shoals Runner, or maybe even a Happy Clam, and had something
      that would run a bit slower but get two or three times the mileage.

      I really don't see why we shouldn't be able to get at least what an SUV
      gets in mpg out of our small boats, if we'd just slow down a bit...

      Neil S.
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