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2155Re: Rescue Minor Transmission

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  • Mike Dolph
    Oct 9, 2008
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      That's pretty darn interesting to me. Robb White's solution was a
      hack too, and belts or chains are not the best solution for cruising
      or offshore. What you didn't mention is a big/reliable enough thrust
      bearing to absorb the push of the prop along the shaft. That would
      make it something more than a hack if it prices out less than a
      designed for the purpose marine engine.

      Mike Dolph

      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, "calfee20" <calfee20@...> wrote:
      > I was laid off from a Kubota, John Deere dealership where I was a
      > tractor mechanic. I am very familiar with the motor Robb White used.
      > Kubota makes a B series tractor that has a frame to connect the engine
      > and the transmission. These are their smaller tractors and range from
      > 18 to maybe 35 hp. The neat thing is they have a separate enclosed
      > bell housing with a dry clutch and 3 gears to lower the output shaft
      > to about the level of the bottom of the oil pan. They also have a
      > connecting shaft ,engine to trans, that has built in flex ends to take
      > up small misalignments. I think you could put one of these in a Rescue
      > Minor and have a horizontal prop shaft and no belts.
      > Big six cylinder Honda motorcycles somehow use the electric starter
      > for reverse. I can think of a few ways to to turn the prop backwards,
      > clutch disengaged, with an electric starter. The battery and charging
      > system is already there. Years ago when the kids were little I drove
      > a car with no reverse for two years. I didn't want to spend the money
      > as the car was a real beater. Anyway do you think you could get away
      > with a paddle instead for reverse or is this too hack.
      > ....................................Tom C.
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