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  • Steve
    Sep 30, 2008
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      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, Kenneth Grome <bagacayboatworks@...>
      >Hi Ken, I have not expressed myself clearly,I dont want a Box Keel. I
      am all for ease of building and for that reason I am looking for a boat
      with a conventional deadwood

      I have looked at John Atkins reasons for or rather against Diesels in
      his Flat Bottom Boats . I think by laminating the Bottom 3 by 10mm and
      using long tapering engine Beds,with flexible engine mounts and
      Flexible Shaft log, I may ofset the Problem of Vibration. Laminated
      frames and Floors in way of the engine are also a consideration. I may
      be off the mark , and perhaps June Bug is a more realistic choice
      Question here is does it lend itself to Glued Lapstrake I am not
      sufficiently skilled to assess this from the Plans Thanks for your
      interest Steve S
      > > Can you recommend any of the other Seabright
      > > Skiffs with a solid rather than a Box Deadwood ?
      > Hi Steve,
      > One of the defining characteristics of Seabright skiffs is
      > their 'box keel' designs. I think they all have this
      > feature.
      > But I'm curious ... why you are seeking a solid box keel?
      > Sincerely,
      > Ken Grome
      > Bagacay Boatworks
      > www.bagacayboatworks.com
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