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  • jkohnen@boat-links.com
    Jun 5, 2004
      The places to look for info on modifying an old Powerglide are probably the
      groups for racing boats. To use one in a boat you'd want to install a thrust
      bearing behind the tranny, otherwise it'd wear out the tranny's rear bearing
      pretty quick, though in the Good Old Days lots of work and fishing boats
      used auto engines and transmissions without that nicety, figuring the
      trannies were cheap at the junkyard or cheap and easy to fix... Check the
      motorboats and motors section of my links list, maybe there are some racing
      sites there:


      Another place where someone will have an opinion about the conversion, if
      not any actual experience or knowledge, ;o) is the Wooden Powerboats group:


      If you find out anything, let us know here.

      Good luck.

      On Sat, 05 Jun 2004 23:58:21 -0000, JJ wrote:
      > ...
      > Recently I was made aware that an old 2-speed power glide could be
      > turned into a great marine tranny. From what I have been told,
      > removing the torque converter and reworking the valve body for
      > shifting using the engine's oil pressure is about the extent of the
      > modificaitons. Just need details as i have never heard of this
      > modification before. It seems as if dragsters (land and sea) are
      > useing powerglide trannies...prices seem to start well in excess of
      > $1400.... and we all need/like to save money....
      > ...

      John <jkohnen@...>
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