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  • jjoftheusa
    Jun 5, 2004
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      I realized that this site is not for transmission modificaiton but
      99.99% of all boats do have transmissions.

      Recently I was made aware that an old 2-speed power glide could be
      turned into a great marine tranny. From what I have been told,
      removing the torque converter and reworking the valve body for
      shifting using the engine's oil pressure is about the extent of the
      modificaitons. Just need details as i have never heard of this
      modification before. It seems as if dragsters (land and sea) are
      useing powerglide trannies...prices seem to start well in excess of
      $1400.... and we all need/like to save money....

      Anyone out there know about this, could I talk you into shareing your

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