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  • Kenneth Grome
    Sep 9, 2008
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      Hi Dave,

      There are several "tunnel-stern Seabright skiffs" on the
      Atkin website. Most are on the 'inboard utilities' pages.

      The tunnel-stern versions are semi-displacement boats
      designed for very shallow water and top speeds of about
      15-17 mph. The most recent and therefore theoretically the
      best performing is Shoals Runner, not Rescue Minor.

      There are also several NON-tunnel-stern versions (my
      favorite at the moment is Sallie Hyde) ... so you'll have
      to be very careful when researching them to avoid getting
      these two lines mixed up.

      There's no need to deal with the complication of
      tunnel-stern construction if all you're after is
      displacement speeds. In this case you may be better off
      with a non-tunnel-stern Seabright skiff.

      Ken Grome
      Bagacay Boatworks

      > Whoa Nellie! How has this design escaped my
      > attention? Could be it's because I have never really
      > built motor boats, but this thing just blows me away!
      > Is there an archive or someplace where I can get more
      > information on this design? Are there any other boats
      > using this hull form?
      > Dave
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