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200Re: [AtkinBoats] uncataloged plans

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  • Rodger Shull
    May 15, 2004
      Hello Atkin Group
      I think we should just all be greatfull for the plans that we do have here, they are fantastic, my favorite is Bamaling , this would be a perfect boat for me, an a najor under taking, an the Atkins drew up some fine plans for small boats, which is fine for me an i would imagine many others, i myself would love to see all the plans an partial plans all collected an in the Smithstoning under lock an key, an available to the public, ..But i sure do love to look at what there is now , many small boats to keep one buzy building an testing .. just my thoughts,,, ya all have a great day .....R.K.Shull

      jkohnen@... wrote:
      There are several reasons why not all of the 900-plus Atkin plans are
      available today: Almost all the plans in the current catalog come from the
      series of designs created for MoToR BoatinG magazine, and intended for
      amateur construction, most of the other Atkin plans were drawn for
      professional builders, and might be hard for an amateur to decipher. They
      wouldn't have any building instructions, and in some cases I'll bet the
      materials and scantlings lists aren't complete, being left up to the
      builder; When John Atkin put the current catalog together, he culled out
      many of the boats from MoToR BoatinG that he considered too dated, or
      otherwise not suitable for modern builders (I disagree with some of his
      choices!); Mrs. Atkin doesn't have posession of all the plans. Some were
      drawn for boatbuilding companies, or maybe even private parties, who took
      possession of the plans and rights to build from them. Some were lost in the
      hurricane of 1938 that washed out Billy Atkin's home. Some were never
      returned by MoToR BoatinG when John Atkin regained the rights to those
      plans; Finally, some of the plans Mrs. Atkin does possess may be buried too
      deep for her to find, or only an incomplete set of drawings can be found.
      The Atkin plans, writings, and other papers ought to be catalogued and some
      sense made of them, but Mrs. Atkin has a busy life to live, and it would
      cost money to have the work professionally done.

      Mrs. Atkin told me about the Robin review on ebay. When you've figured out
      how to scan the page <g>, save the image as a GIF, NOT A JPEG! You can
      reduce the number of colors to 16 to make a smaller file without losing
      enough quality to matter. Put the file in the files section of the group,
      it's really not difficult. If you have any trouble, email me privately and
      I'll fix you up.

      On Fri, 14 May 2004 15:17:13 -0000, George wrote:
      > thanks for the site John. Can someone enlighten me as to why ALL the
      > Atkin plans are not available? I have vague recollections of many
      > boats I would like to consider for my next project but most were of
      > later design ie: 1950s - 1970s. I get the feeling Mrs. Atkin prefers
      > to sell only the catalog plans and I do not want to impose on her
      > time unnecessarily. I recently purchased a Yachting design page thru
      > e-bay which shows the 32'Robin- a double ended MED style dayboat. I
      > will post it on the site if I can figure out how (technophob).
      > ...

      John <jkohnen@...>
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      No flaming, cursing, politics, religion or public mopery. Please be polite. The current Atkin boat plans catalog is online at

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      Rodger K.Shull

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