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2"Hope" 26'8" x26'0" x 7'6" x 2'0" Inboard 'Day Cruiser'

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  • Hugo Tyson
    Jan 11, 2004
      I'm thinking about buying the plans for "Hope" , the 27' x 7' 6 Inboard cruiser as I'd think she'd make a very nice day/overnignter cruiser.Possibly with some subtle re-styling of the cabin and shelter house, but retaining the late 1920's- early,to  mid '30s looks.Powered by a modern light truck diesel of 3.4Litres(about  207 C.I.D.) and 90 HP @ 3400 rpm she'd easily attain her designed speed of 17 mph and maybe even do a bit better.But with all that extra power she'd wouldn't go too much faster than 20 Knots, just make a lot of waves and suck the stern down.The reason for over powering in this case would be to obtain the maximum speed at moderate engine revs,have heaps of power in reserve if conditions warranted it and prolong engine life due to low - moderate speed running while achieving maximum speed(when required) with low noise,reasonable economy and less vibration than a smaller inboard diesel working  flat out!( Besides I'm thinking that the 4 cylinder diesel would weigh about the same as the original gasoline motor Hope was designed to use.) As to hull construction, strip-planked and epoxy saturated would probably be the way go go. Strong, reasonably light and durable and can stand drying out,especially if Dynel/Fibreglass sheathed. Hopes dimensions are highway legal, so trailering could be an option but not an everyday prospect!
      I've still got to build a Custom designed "Torpedo - stern Runabout" by Phil Bolger called "Silver Blaze" first,(when he finishes the plans - hopefully in the next couple of months!!), but I'm already thinking about future projects and this seems like a good idea at the moment!!.
      I'm interested to know if anyone has any pictures of any completed boats of this design (Hope), whether new or from old magazines etc, because I'd like to see what she looks like in the "Round".
      Hugo Tyson,                         Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.

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