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1981Re: Howdy

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  • Steve
    Jun 3, 2008
      Hi Joe and Jean,

      Thanks for your comments.

      The bad news is that I have lost track of the boat since selling her
      (to work overseas and then start a new project) a couple of years ago.
      Last heard of in the Malborough Sounds region....

      When I bought the plans,I wasn't sure what I wanted so I also bought a
      set of " Ninigret " plans, and that was where I got the idea for the well.

      I agree that the inboard option is a wee bit impractical. I'm sure
      William would have designed this boat for outboards if they had been
      available in 1933. On such a narrow boat, the midships engine box
      kills interior space. Plus there are the noise and heat factors /
      running an exhaust / petrol lines inside the accommodation / carbon
      monoxide etc.

      I toyed with the idea of a sterndrive, and I still believe this would
      be a very practical alternative. The two downsides were the
      unavailability of anything under about 140hp, and the big ugly leg
      which would be difficult to conceal. I seriously considered jet power
      as well.Both these latter options would allow you to have a large
      spacious seat/lounge at the aft end of the cockpit.

      I will post the best pics I have of the well.


      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, "Joe & Jean Majewski" <joe.maj@...>
      > Hi Steve,
      > That is a beautiful, beautiful boat that you have built. You did a
      > wonderful job on it!
      > Can you tell us where and how you use it?
      > Also, can you talk about how you did the outboard motor well? I think
      > that a lot of Atkin's designs would be built if a builder could use an
      > outboard in a well instead of an inboard motor.
      > Thanks for sharing!
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