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198Re: [AtkinBoats] Tenders

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  • jkohnen@boat-links.com
    May 15 1:23 AM
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      Precious isn't going to be able to carry as much weight as one of the butt-
      headed dinghies of similar length, but she is better looking. Yes, that's
      important sometimes! <g> Unfortunately, the study plans don't give any idea
      of the maximum load Precious could carry safely. I'd use plywood for the
      bottom at least, and maybe glued lapstrake plywood for the sides, so the
      boat wouldn't dry out and get leaky so easily when kept out of the water.

      Tell us more about your Eric! Where in the PNW do you keep it?

      On Tue, 11 May 2004 22:01:01 -0000, Ron wrote:
      > I'm writing to see if any of you have comments on Atkin-designed
      > dinks and tenders. We live on a beautiful Eric (gaff ketch rig), but
      > are sorely in need of a tender, and would most like to build an Atkin
      > design that'll be a good match for the mother ship.
      > I'm quite drawn to the 7ft 'Precious' flat-bottom, especially due to
      > it's versatily (row, power, sail); it's a touch smaller than the very
      > similar 'Cabin Boy' at 7ft6in. and therefore may be more managable
      > stowed on the housetop; and it's not a pram... afraid I've never been
      > a fan of pram-bowed boats.
      > We'd mostly use her for utility and as a ferry boat (for two of us).
      > I'm a little concerned with the ease of stowage on deck, but we can
      > work out a hoist from the boom, and could tow in fair weather.
      > Any suggestions or ideas that this brings up?
      > Many thanks in advance!

      John <jkohnen@...>
      I cannot help thinking that the people with motor boats miss a great deal.
      If they would only keep to rowboats or canoes, and use oar or paddle...
      they would get infinitely more benefit than by having their work done for
      them by gasoline. <Theodore Roosevelt>
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