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1971Re: [AtkinBoats] Re: Testing Billy Atkin's "Shoals Runner"

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  • Kenneth Grome
    May 30, 2008
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      Hi Ron,

      Thanks for understanding my efforts. I should have thanked
      you before since you were the only person to post something
      positive, but I was too busy trying to explain things a
      second or third time to others -- probably a huge waste of
      time anyways.

      Oh well, live and learn ... :)

      Ken Grome
      Bagacay Boatworks

      > Ken, congratulations on your efforts to insert some facts
      > into the discussion.
      > I have noticed quite a few individuals being twits and
      > making negative comments regarding your proposed quest,
      > but these same individuals are (mostly) quite stingy with
      > any facts backing up their various claims.
      > To all: The renewed popularity of Rescue Minor and it's
      > efficiency statements have raised the question regarding
      > it's hull design and efficiency. Ken has proposed a test
      > to put facts on the table regarding this, and is putting
      > his money (and time and effort) where his mouth is. If
      > you want to make negative comments about his test, what
      > are you doing to replace it?
      > Boating is often an emotional endeavor, and what you as
      > an individual "like" can be quite important. Many
      > would-be boaters, however, are limited in funds; it takes
      > real money to buy wood, steel, gas, and sailcloth, and it
      > would be nice to have a good idea what you are getting
      > before you pay the price.
      > --
      > Regards,
      > RonB
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