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1969Re: Testing Billy Atkin's "Shoals Runner"

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  • Ronald A. Fossum
    May 30, 2008
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      My sincere apologies Ken. I truly misunderstood you. To use
      my "apples and oranges" test - and I do not mean this humorously -
      you really want to test apples and oranges to see which is better.
      OK. I was homeing in more on the concept of testing similar, not dis-
      similar hull designs. I just didn't understand a purpose in looking
      for a comparison in fuel efficiency between significantly different
      hul designs - but I can see the value.

      Ron Fossum

      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, Kenneth Grome
      <bagacayboatworks@...> wrote:
      > Hi Ron,
      > > Duh Ken, the only way one can make a valid
      > > comparison is by comparing similar designs.
      > For the sake of argument let's say I agree with this
      > position. The next question is:
      > Who gets to determine which design feature makes the two
      > boats 'similar'? Are YOU the final judge in making this
      > determination? Or might the people for whom I'm doing
      > these tests have some say in this matter? After all, I am
      > doing the tests for them, not you, so perhaps their
      > priorities and opinions should be considered here?
      > I already explained to John Kohnen and everyone else that
      > these tests are designed to prove which hull is more fuel
      > efficient. That's all these tests are about, and anything
      > you or John or anyone else say to try to make shoal draft
      > part of the equation is not going to change things. Shoal
      > draft may be important to some of you, but it is not
      > important to the folks who want a simple and
      > straightforward answer to the question these tests are
      > designed to answer.
      > So ...
      > If you have some factual evidence that clearly proves which
      > hull is more efficiently driven, I encourage you to post
      > it. But if all you have is theories and assumptions, I
      > would like to ask you to please be a little more 'open
      > minded' and consider the possibility that other people are
      > interested in learning the answer to this particular
      > question, regardless of whether or not you personally think
      > you know the answer yourself.
      > I fail to understand what's so hard to understand about this
      > scenario anyways, so let me use John Kohnen's example in my
      > next post to illustrate the situation in a simple
      > manner ...
      > Sincerely,
      > Ken Grome
      > Bagacay Boatworks
      > www.bagacayboatworks.com
      > P.S. Please stop calling me names. I may very well be a
      > twit for all I know, but whether I am or not, I think name
      > calling is something we as adults should be willing to
      > refrain from in a respectful online discussion.
      > > "Some of us simply want to know -- for a fact -- whether
      > > the Atkin boats are more or less fuel efficient than the
      > > others."
      > >
      > > Atkin designed power boats, sail boats, and row boats.
      > > Gee, which one of these is the most fuel efficient. Well,
      > > some would say a sailboat - but what about when there's
      > > no wind. Some would say a row boat, but one has to take
      > > into account the food consumed by the "rower". Etc.
      > >
      > > Duh Ken, the only way one can make a valid comparison is
      > > by comparing similar designs. Tunnel stern and Seabright
      > > skiff are NOT similar designs. Neither is a Seabright
      > > skiff and a Poulsbo. Nor is one of the Tolman boats!
      > > You're a boat builder. You know that. Stop being such a
      > > twit.
      > >
      > > Ron Fossum
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