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194Re: Rocking Chair plans arrived

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  • alan terry
    Apr 23, 2004
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      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, jkohnen@b... wrote:

      Does this mean you're going
      > to build your Rocking Chair out of "real" wood?

      Yes! At one stage I was even considering pressure treated pine (and
      maybe plywood), but along came the opportunity to purchase clear
      grade hardwood at the same price. All of a sudden the project has
      become REALLY exciting. We've just spent the last few days selecting
      and hauling it all to the workshop. It was a lot of fun, picking out
      which bits would go where!

      Might you even be thinking
      > of <gasp> building it according to the plans? ;o)

      Well --- sort of. I really didn't want to build carvel planked, so
      the plan (subject to amendment, if a better idea comes along, of
      course :) is to glue laminate (wood resin composite), using the
      designed scantling dimensions. The timber I bought is sawn at 4x1
      and will dress down to 7 eighths of an inch, so I plan to put one
      layer of this down as shown on the plans, then laminate another
      layer of 3 eighths of an inch diagonally over this to get the design
      hull and deck thickness of 1 and a quarter inches. I figure this is
      probably over-building, strength-wise, but the weight factors should
      approximate design.
      I'm keen for the general appearance to be close to design, but there
      are a couple of possible alterations at the back of my mind, still
      1. Putting the motor in a well in the aft deck, and
      2. Raising the fore-deck to the height of the gunwales.

      > Good luck with your project!

      Thanks! By-the-way, a strange thing is happening! I'm really amazed
      at the number of people who respond with "Oh!, I was going to do
      that" or "I wanted to do that" or "I had that idea" or "What a GREAT
      idea!" when they learn about this project. I never realized so many
      people had a fantasy about having a home on the water!

      Any comments/suggestions would be more than welcome!

      Alan Terry
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