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1927Re: Magpie

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  • thomasgallant66
    May 1 5:39 PM
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      It,s funny you mention a model version. I am currently taking lines
      off of the study plans. I have two nephews who love the idea of
      adventuring with their uncle on a boat like magpie. To keep their
      interest up I am building a model. Who knows maybe one day ??? --- In
      AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, "legacy10548" <legacy10548@...> wrote:
      > Hi Thomas,
      > I I too have been entranced by Magpie. Every time I look at that
      boat I
      > picture myself settin on the deck in in little cove with my fishing
      > pole. But for now I am thinking about a model, maybe 1 inch to the
      > foot. I have been trying to figure a way to hang a foresail on her.
      > Ed
      > --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, "thomasgallant66"
      > <thomasgallant66@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi folks. First, it is great to find a group of Atkins fans.
      > I
      > > have been entranced by the magpie design for some years now.
      > > the atkins plan sight I have seen one great photo of a built
      > > design "Zanana". I would like to find more photos online or be
      > to
      > > contact someone with photos of built magpie designs. I have
      > > everywhere I can think of, even joining groups in Australia for
      > > on the builder of Zanana, Cecil Mason but to no avail. Do any of
      > > fellow enthusiasts have any info or ideas on how I can find more
      > > photos of built magpie designs. Hope to hear soon. Thanks.
      > >
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