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192Re: [AtkinBoats] Rocking Chair plans arrived

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  • jkohnen@boat-links.com
    Apr 19, 2004
      I'm glad the plans got to you alright. Mrs. Atkin usually ships plans within
      a week of receiving an order, I don't know what held her up with yours.

      I think that cross-planked, frameless construction is a very elegant way to
      build a boat. It's been used for years and years for workboats on the
      Chesapeake, and elsewhere, so it's well proven. Does this mean you're going
      to build your Rocking Chair out of "real" wood? Might you even be thinking
      of <gasp> building it according to the plans? ;o)

      Good luck with your project!

      On Fri, 16 Apr 2004 21:19:31 -0000, Alan wrote:
      > ...
      > I like this design more and more. I'm really impressed with the
      > elegant simplicity of the design itself and also of the method of
      > construction. Love the clean looking inside of the hull brought
      > about by the absence of frames and stringers. Nothing is
      > superfluous, the whole thing gells together beautifully!
      > Next week I'll finalise the purchase of the timber -- nearly 3
      > cubic metres for the hull and decks alone!! Got onto a great line of
      > seasoned and kiln dried Red Beech from a guy that's shifting his
      > logging operation to another place.
      > I find it interesting that the cost of the materials for this boat
      > is not a heck of a lot more than would be the cost for a building of
      > the same size on foundations (not counting the motor, of course).

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