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1842Re: Alternative Building Methods

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  • Sal's Dad
    Apr 2 5:12 AM
      Have you talked with Alex Hadden? Dave Gerr? You should probably also track down the owner of Noble Cab, pick her brain, and try to bum a ride.

      This is a HUGE project - ask Alex. He won't tell you man-hours or dollars, but I will tell you Noble Cab was in his shop for a couple years, with 2-3 pros spending almost all of their time on her...

      Are you CERTAIN that the hull is "developable"? Don't take anybody's word for this, do some serious lofting/CAD, and build a large-scale model (say 50%) before you start. I had (am still having!) a helluva time with Rescue Minor.

      Check the archives here, on the WoodenBoat forum, and boatdesign.net.

      --- In AtkinBoats@yahoogroups.com, "Alan Boman" <alan@...> wrote:
      > I am about to build a River Belle and have been persuaded to use
      "Stitch and
      > Glue" method with plywood instead of sawn frames & planks.
      > Has anyone any thoughts or better still experience ?

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