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1780Re: [AtkinBoats] Re: Problem in the Lofting

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  • Don Douglas
    Feb 4, 2008
      I have Rossel's book "Building Small Boats" plus "The Boatbuilder's Apprentice" and find a lot of good information from those two. But if you are going to build the Maid of Endor design, I suggest that you get (or steal) Chapelle's book since it is a benchmark of boat building and information that you will need. Also of good reference for the type of boat you are going to build are these two books: "How To Build A Wooden Boat" by David C. "Bud" McIntosh and "Details of Classic Boat Construction" by Larry Pardey. These two books along with Chapelle's "Boatbuilding" are the most reread books in my library. Also you might pick up these two for more details on lofting: "Lofting" by Allan H. Vaitses and "Mystic Seaport Boatshop Lofting Manual" by Barry Thomas and Chris Rawlings. They give some additional perspective on lofting but you can learn more than needed from Chapelle's chapter on Lofting in "Boatbuilding".

      You and I are in the same boat so to speak with our choices of builds. I am going after Atkin's Perigee which is similar to Maid of Endor but about 3' shorter. And these are our first "real" boats!

      Have fun building and don't worry about making mistakes and starting some part over. It is just a part of building.

      Don Douglas

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