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1744Re: Twinkle Twinkle little boat

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  • sals_dad
    Jan 4, 2008
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      > > Has anyone worked up the wheels for these
      > > Atkin's tunnel boats?
      > I don't think so.

      I put together a spreadsheet, using formulas from Gerr's Propeller
      Handbook, performance data from White's RM, and Noble Cab (similar to
      River Belle), and whatever I could glean from Atkin's writings.

      The spreadsheet is a bit rough, and is really useless without Gerr's
      book nearby. But I would be happy to share it.

      BTW - Gerr designed the power for Noble Cab, with (as I recall) 100HP
      Yanmar, 17x17 5 bladed prop (the prop cost more than any boat I have
      owned). I understand he expressed some scepticism as to whether it
      would perform as well as Atkins claimed. She met all expectations, and
      I suspect might have done better if Gerr had pushed her.
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