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1739[AtkinBoats] Re: Tresarus, Fore An' Aft

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  • Elaina McCartney
    Dec 31, 2007
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      Hi John,
      I noticed those gorgeous pictures of Scarlet Queen on the Atkin Fore
      An' Aft web page, love those red sails. Tresarus' stem and knee
      replacement is happening as we speak, and going very well. If you
      are doing something similar, it would be great to see pictures. About
      five years ago she had some transom work done, and in both that
      project and this one, a bit of the strip planking redone here and
      there. She's ~50 years old and still thriving. I expect her next
      "request" will be new covering boards--presently they're structurally
      sound where it counts (e.g. at the running backstays) but there are a
      couple spots that looks like they'll want attention soon. I'd like
      to make the WoodenBoat show one of these years, and if I do will
      definitely look for you and Pat!

      Happy New Year,

      >--- In
      ><elaina.mccartney@...> wrote:
      >> Hi--I'm the current owner of Tresarus, built after the Fore An' Aft in
      >> the late 50s by Russell Dyer. My brother Mike owned and sailed
      >> Tresarus for thousands of miles between Massachusetts and Maine for
      >> about 15 years before I took over in 2003. Her home port is now
      >> Ithaca, NY on Cayuga Lake, but I hope to get her back to salt water
      >> eventually. I've been doing some restoration to keep her healthy, and
      >> am interested in copies of sketches and plans. Also interested in
      >> photographs that anyone might have of Tresarus. --Elaina McCartney
      >Hello Elaina, I too have a Fore an Aft, it is pictured on Pat Atkins
      >site under Fore an Aft, and is the boat with scarlet sails, reason
      >being the Scarlet Queen, later changed to Pilgrim. I am restoring her
      >hopefully to a very good state. I saw the pictures of Tresarus on
      >Flickr, I was on my knees with delight! My restoration is almost a
      >duplicate of what has been done to your boat. I will be working the
      >Wooden Boat Show with Pat at the Atkin Boat plan booth and would love
      >to post some of your pictures.
      >I will contact you again, happy New Year, best wishes, John

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